Some of my work

Wether you need a beautiful website that speaks your values, or want your online space work hard for you and bring in new clients – I’m here to help you achieve your goals. 
From custom made websites to search engine optimisation and beyond, here’s a few samples I have worked on for clients, including mockup designs. 

Web Design

This is a concept website I built using Squarespace. Please note, “Clarity Psychic Services” is an entirely fictional business. 

First of all I created a logo on Canva. I chose purple as the main colour, representing the mysterious and spiritual – according to colour psychology. Then I searched for colour combinations which go well with purple.

The images were very important to elicit feelings of calm and peace to website visitors. The main headline draws immediate attention and the tagline explains exactly what the website is about.

I wanted the fonts to be elegant and professional.

See whole page here.

Psychic Services - Concept Website Design

Intuitive Healer & Tarot Readings Website

I worked with Mary to create her new website where she could display her services as an intuitive spiritual guide. 

True to her nature, she went through an intuitive process,  deciding on the look and feel of the individual pages.

She has chosen the main colours of the website according to the gemstones which align with her personality.

Her love of trees is reflected on the main photo of the home page, which makes an immediate impact on the visitor. 

We kept the fonts simple and easy on the eye. 

Client Psychic Website


Psychic Services Dominating '3 Pack'

I advised Mary to sign up to Google’s free business page service at the same time as the website was built. 

Before setting up her Google My Business (GMB) page and the website, her sole source of marketing was a Facebook page. 

A year on, she cancelled the Facebook page because it was being spammed with fake and unwanted reviews.

Fortunately, her GMB page is now dominating local searches and ranking for many related keywords.

This was achieved by making full use of the GMB features, for example adding plenty of pictures, posting regular updates and encouraging honest reviews from clients. 

GMB ranking example
Finance client search impressions

From 1k to 50k impressions in 6 months

I have been working with this particular client since June 2020 and the graph speaks for itself.

Impressions are the number of times a site has been seen in the search results. As can be seen, there’s a nice upward trend over the months, meaning higher rankings and more clicks!

This website was ranking for less than 100 keywords and now that number is over 1000. 

This is the result of meticulous keyword research and applying the latest SEO techniques.