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As a professional boutique web designer in Paignton, LIME Marketing Agency understands the importance of having a clean and modern website.

LIME is the Paignton web design service of choice for those looking to put their service-based business ahead of the rest. Having up-to-date knowledge and expertise in digital marketing with a keen eye for detail, you’ve come to a trusted partner. The websites built by LIME work beautifully whether it’s an online directory or brochure website; all designed with user experience as a priority yet still managing your content elegantly so everything is easy enough to navigate.

LIME Marketing and Web Design Agency is the best choice for website design in Paignton. Being dedicated to your success will always be a top priority, ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors by providing you with a professional and easy to navigate website.

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Web Design Services

Websites by LIME are built to rank on Google

Build a New Website

A website is more than just a business card that you put on the internet. It’s your best marketing partner, a digital space where you can share your message, sell products or services and publish information. With this in mind, the website design process begins with an in-depth understanding of your goals and target audience, which will provide the framework for crafting a compelling message. The first stage of creating new websites is to understand what you want them to do: help convert visitors into customers or engage existing users? Once we know this information, we can move on towards developing steps that outline how each page should look and function. It's also important at this point to consider the tone of voice that reflects your business as well as you.

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Redesign Your Website

With a new design, you will be able to build your brand identity and attract customers. LIME has the skillset to provide for all of your needs so that we can help grow your business. If your current website is looking a little tired, a fresh website design could be the key in making sure people notice what you are offering them through various online avenues such as social media or traditional search engines like Google.

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Content Management

Your content management system is the bridge between you and all of those prospects, clients, customers who want to find out what makes your company tick. You need a strategy that will engage visitors in order for them to feel comfortable enough not only with your site's design but also its tone of voice. Using a voice consistent with the image and identity of the company ensures that your message resonates authentically as well as professionally with customers whichever platform you interact with them on. It’s also important that your content is synchronised across all the places your brand is present.

Web Design Philosophy

LIME believes that every service business in Paignton deserves to have a great website that is capable of bringing them new business. That’s why we will work with you until your site is just the right fit for all of your needs while satisfying users visiting your web pages.

Each website comes with at least basic search engine optimisation built-in so that your potential clients can find your business online. 

Your website should be easy to view on any device, no matter the size of the screen you use. We keep your content and design consistent across all of them so that it looks great everywhere as standard.

The Web Design Process

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Your bespoke website is the result of extensive collaboration between us. When I undertake a new web design project, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure an attractive, visible & optimised site that will keep on yielding fruitful results for your business. We’ll work closely together during the whole process from initial concepts to handing over the virtual keys to your new online asset. At each stage of the design process I’ll ask for your feedback before continuing on.

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Web Design Packages

LIME Marketing offers a range of bespoke web design services to suit you. Whether you’re developing a new website or overhauling your existing one, there’s a web design package to suit you. All content elements must be supplied by you prior to web design commencement. 

Basic Package-From £499

This package is ideally suited to newer or small businesses eager to showcase their impressive work. Offering a comprehensive service, you’ll receive 8 pages of high quality design, and SEO-compliant content.

Essential Website-From £899

Perfectly suited to any kind of business our package designed for larger websites can incorporate more pages solely dedicated to services and customer testimonials. We can provide 12 pages full of quality bespoke design, and search engine friendly content. More pages mean more content to generate search engine traffic!

Fully Bespoke-From £1500

If you’re looking for a more bespoke and personalised package our team can work with you to develop a more specialised web design that elevates your business and your digital brand. Contact our experienced team to build your perfect custom website.

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