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What do you do when you want to find a trusted business in your local area? If you’re like most people, you head to Google and type in your search query.
You may even hope that Google can read your mind so well that the perfect gem of an answer will be in the first few results without having to scroll any further. 
Your customers are just the same. And these days it seems that Google can read our minds!
Enter the world of Local Search Marketing.

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It’s not an accident that some businesses show up at the top of the search. And using search engine optimisation it’s possible to ensure that business is yours. Our marketing and web design services are tailored for search rankings.

How can LIME Marketing Agency put you at the top of the page

What is local search engine optimisation (SEO) and what can it do for you? 
You may have heard of SEO, which in a nutshell, is getting your website higher in search engines for desired terms (keywords). 
Local SEO has the advantage over national (and global) SEO in that there’s less competition for being at the top. Also, customers have a local intent. Again in a nutshell, this means that when someone types in “dentist Exeter” in Google, there’s a good chance they are ready to visit a dentist’s chair in the near future. 
Because we’re so used to turning to the internet for answers now it’s important to be highly visible in searches. By optimising a few key elements that Google likes to see, it’s possible to push your website to the first page of critical searches.

Some things to think about

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According to Hubspot marketing statistics:

  • 76% of local searches result in a phone call
  • 72% of consumers visited a shop within 5 miles after completing a local search
  • 50% increase in Google “near me” searches over the past 12 months
  • 30% increase in mobile searches purely related to location
  • On average 18% of mobile local searches lead to a sale within a day

It’s obvious then that local search marketing cannot be ignored!

How can I help you?

I’m Andrea, the founder of LIME Marketing Agency Devon. I’m here to help with your local marketing so that your business can be found on Google. 
I’ll show you how to make sure your business is seen online by your ideal customer.
See the About page for more info.

Digital Marketing Services

Local Marketing

I'm passionate about local search marketing. I can help to put your business online in front of your customers exactly where they are looking for you.

Website Building

I'll make sure you have a good looking, fully functional website with a clear message using WordPress, the world's most powerful content management system.

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360 Photography

As a Google Trusted Photographer, I can help you showcase your premises to your customers by adding photos to Google Street View.

If you’re a small business with a local presence and you’re tired of not seeing results from your digital marketing efforts, I might be able to help. 
Let me take a look at your online presence to see if we can make some tweaks. 

About our town, Paignton in Devon

LIME Marketing Agency is based in the seaside town of Paignton in Devon. It’s sandwiched between two other towns (Torquay and Brixham) that make up Torbay and is the oldest. Originally a farming and fishing hamlet it became a popular tourist destination after the arrival of the railway in 1859. Read more in the article ‘A Brief History of Paignton‘.

Let’s see what I can do for you.

I am here to guide you through your small business local marketing needs. My services range from a free audit to complete local marketing management.